Automatique Clubbing...
express your moves with your hedonistic attitude.
Interactive audiovisual danceparty.

Liveacts by:
Jacob Korn - AV-performance (Running Back)
Benjamin Brunn (Smallville-Records)
staticthomas (

8. November 2008, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden,
CYNETart-Festival for computer-aided art

Software-Engineering: Jacob Korn, Matthias Härtig, Frieder Weiß

Tracking System: Kalypso (

The »automatique clubbing«-event at CYNETart_08 was a Trans-Media-Lab Hellerau production in co-operation with Frieder Weiß and, inspired by the original »club automatique«, which was founded in 1997 by Olivier Schulbaum (F), Gerard Couty (F) and Jacques Bigot (F) and the name giving media artist Christian Graupner (G) alias VOOV.

Automatic Clubbing describes an event or installation in which the audience is invited to influence the presented media (sound, light, visuals etc) normally by utilisation of reactive (sometimes interactive) systems. In general the activities take place in context of a club, party, concert or dancefloor event, in a festival lounge or media center.
Among other aspects automatic clubbing serves as a plattform for fresh media art also in more or less traditional clubbing context. (by Voov)

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