“Solitaire"” is my latest research on the “dance solo” as an art form in itself. In dance history, the solo has gone through different forms of how it is presented, and with which purpose.
In approaching this theme, I at first deal with the point shoe. Associated with classical ballet, and the tool of every ballerina, the point shoe represents virtuosity and shows her ethereal elegance as well as, mercilessly, every imbalance. I am interested in the point shoe from a choreographic point of view.
In ballet verticality, balance and the isolated coordination of arms and legs are fundamental. So are a form-related aesthetic of body lines and the suggestion of a weightless body. There is a specific way in which the space is being used choreographically in order to show this aesthetic.
However, I am interested in exploring different counterpoints relating to the point shoe and the usage of space.
Within this “self-experiment” I am provoking a “dialogue” between my classically trained body and the one that performs mainly in contemporary contexts.

This video shows excerpts of my first research phase. It was recorded at the Uferstudios, Berlin in april 2011.
Premiere of "solitaire" will be on september 14th 2012 at Produktionszentrum Tanz und Performance Stuttgart.

choreography,dance: Eva Baumann
filming: Sofia Pintzou

Special thanks to Ada Studio, Berlin.

copyright Eva Baumann

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