TeeNagers! Portrays the lifestyle of different groups off teens. They are -- the nerds and geeks, the street punks, the rich kids, the vamp wannabe, and the fitness freaks. Throughout the video, members of My Chemical Romance have to deal with each groups resulting in unfavorable consequences. When I first heard Teenagers, I knew I had to make a video for it. It's such a fun song. I enjoyed making this video from start to finish. I know most of my subscribers are My Chemical Romance fan, so this is for all of you. Enjoy!

For download: archive.org/download/Teenagers/teenagers.wmv
For video detail: freewebs.com/warhawkestudios/teenagers.htm
For Sims99 rating and review: sims99.com/movie_details.php?dir=warhawke&id=9045

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