My name is Mikael Blomvall. Describing yourself is always very hard, as there is so much that "makes" a person.
I have never possessed the talent that so many others do, sitting still. School was boring to me. When I was younger it was always climbing that was most interesting - everything from walls to trees.

I have lived in my home town Landskrona all of my life. In the northern part of the town called "Sandbergen", named after its appearance, mountains of sand by the water. It was always my favourite place to explore with friends when I was younger. It was easy to jump as far out as you could and land in the soft sand.

When I got my first mountain bike, it was downhill right from the start. I can look back now and laugh at the hill which was a closed Corral? with loads of holes.

When Inline skating became popular I started skating aggressive inline. A buddy and myself would spend all of our time riding stair gaps and trying to find cool rails to ride. We decided to start competing, and often came 1st and 2nd!. After a couple of foot injuries, I could never really get back to the same level again.

Then, one day I saw a guy jumping 3-4m in the air and pull rotations while kitesurfing, so, I lay down my windsurfing gear, sold the car and bought myself some kite gear. I entered my first competition 6 months later, the Swedish nationals in 2002, and won. Ever since then I have been committed fully to kitesurfing.

I started travelling abroad to start training seriously over the winter months. I travelled to Egypt to work as a kitesurfing instructor. The following year I went to Venezuela to get some intensive training in prior to the World Cup. Directly following the World Cup I got sponsored by JN kites. But im not with them anymore right now Im with Nobilekiteboarding.

My family consists of my parents, my sister, a girlfriend and our dog Cash. A small story of Nacho another dog i had. During one of my trips to Venezuela, i found a little puppy at a restaurant. The puppy was only a few days old, and although my intentions were just to get the puppy back on its feet, after many repeated visits to the veterinarian, and much thinner wallet. Five months later Nacho was in sweden with me.

When I aint kiting, I spend as much time with friends and family as I can. Normally you can find us down at the gymnastic house jumping on the trampolines, practising new rotations. Home improvement is also something that seems to be keeping me busy just now, working on my house in Landskrona, near the beach.

Although I think its fun to party, I don’t drink alcohol at all, not of any moral or religious influence.

My ultimate goal is to keep the progression of kiteboarding moving forward, Kiting is an incredibly diverse sport where riders can boost big air, pop board tricks, riding rails and ramps, kiting on snow and there are even speed junkies. I would like to continue seeing progression in my speciality, wakestyle, high speed, powered up moves involving hard landings and tough moves.

Although I would love to say where I see myself in 5 years, its difficult to do. You never know what could happen and in my exerience, things never seem to happen the way you thought they would, there are always surprises.

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