Looking at the possibility of using some simple motion capture in a short film, using the tools we already know/have. Before we get into actually recording any mocap data I made this quick test using a downloaded .bvh mocap data file.

It's actually an amazingly simple workflow - create the body mesh in MakeHuman, import to Blender (2.5), press a couple of buttons, select the .bvh file, and the mocap data is magically applied to the MakeHuman rig!

It's just a quick test, so I didn't bother making any fixes to the data. The cloth-sim was to check the plausibility & process of making dynamic clothes on a character, and the texture is also very rough - just projected on from front view.

Motion capture date from: mocapdata.com/product.cgi?product_id=3003
Texture from: free-textures.got3d.com/natural/free-character-references/free-character-texture-references-man-10/
Useful info on the MakeHuman Mocap tool: sites.google.com/site/makehumandocs/blender-export-and-mhx/mocap-tool

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