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The Story...
Part comedy. Part drama. Part faux-sci-fi.

This is a post-coming-of-age story about a lonely, disorganized life insurance salesman who experiences anxiety and paranoia surrounding his 65th birthday. His drab, messy office and equally uninspiring apartment is not the future Gray had envisioned for himself. He fears growing older as much as he has anxiety of the past.

On his birthday, he experiences bizarre time hallucinations and abruptly leaves work. He confides in is his taxidermy parakeet, Montague, that time is moving backwards. The dead bird is of little help.

Amplifying his time perception dilemma, he meets his long lost half brother, Peter, who has apparently built a working time machine that is fueled by memories. The catch is it only lasts for 5 minutes at a time.

Gray volunteers and enters the memory time machine. We revisit his birthday three years prior, the day his wife left him. Gray watches his life on a TV screen before he is ejected back into a harsh reality. However, not everything we've seen is to be believed. Gray discovers a truth about himself in an elaborate scheme of lies.


The Plan...

This is 20 minute short film that adopts the feel of a feature. Production will begin in August with plans to shoot with the Arri Alexa, an amazing high-end camera that is able to achieve a filmic look. Production is set near the end of August.

The short will of course be visually striking and aesthetically intriguing. With choreographed camera movement and doses of visual effects sprinkled throughout, a sense of magic is inserted in the realism. Costuming, props, set design will intensely art directed with a consistent palette. In addition to the unique visuals, the film will also have an entirely original score!


The Crew...

Paul Trillo - Writer / Director
Andrew Georgopoulos - Cinematographer / Producer
Noah Cunningham - Assistent Director
Will Karevoll - Editor
Stephanie Lin - Composer / Art Director


The Help...

With your help we can cover...

This is our big cost. The Arri Alexa is an amazing camera and therefore comes with an amazing fee. We will also be renting various dollies and jibs to enable a range of shots.

We know we won't be paying for a Brad Pitt but we'd still like to compensate professional actors with some amount.

We are building a time machine so naturally we want it to look awesome. The sets will also be heavily designed with furniture and retro props.

Post Production
A minor cost but still necessary for a polished color correction and visual effects.


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