A thesis film I designed and animated.

Scratch & Move is a merger of visual and audible forms. It uses the energy of music to fuel the imagery's motion and rhythm. This experimental style is part of the drawn on film genre; a method of producing images directly on film stock.

The film was created with unexposed/processed 8mm film, an exacto knife, florescent pens, a light box and ELMO projector. I developed a technique of reading audio wave patterns according to time code and translated it to the films manipulation. The images are revealed by scratching the film emulsion from the negative, frame by frame. Color was applied with florescent pens and the footage was digitized using an ELMO projector. For this work, I drew a great deal of influence from experimental artists Norman McLaren, Oskar Fischinger and Len Lye.

Music by Miles Davis - Move (1949)

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