I filmed this in 1976 while on a cross country motorcycle trip with a friend. My bike was a Moto Guzzi 850cc Eldorado. Terry's bike was a 750cc Honda. I used a Kodak 16mm K-100 camera which had a turret lens and a one minute run time after a full wind.
Since there wasn't a crew we had to be clever about getting us both in the movie. I would often place the camera on a low tripod next to the road and we would drive away letting the camera use up it's one minute run.
On occasion we would use a volunteer to push the button after we made a u-turn to return to the camera's position.
The best "two bike" footage was shot in Yellowstone park
where we met my brother and family who were camping in the park. Wearing my jacket he doubled as me as I got plenty of pass by's with different backgrounds. These shots are sprinkled through out the movie.
Audio was captured with a small cassette recorder.

Back then the edit was done with a Moviola flatbed editor
which ran a copy (work print) of the film and two tracks of audio all synced via a head punched sprocketed tracks.
Titles were shot on hi contrast black and white film stock and became one of the rolls of original film that was combined onto a master at the film lab. Copies would then be made from this master.

The only copy of this film was recently found by me on a 3/4 U-Matic video tape from an early film to tape transfer.
Wish I could redo the transfer with today's modern equipment. But all-in-all it looks pretty good considering it's age.

Enjoy the scenery and notice how small the crowds were and how cheap gas was (59cents a gal.)

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