I'm reasonably familiar with the basic functionality of the Pose Morph Tag. I'd used it before with hierarchies and vertex maps all fine. Yesterday night, using it with uv's appeared to be a no go for me.

Couldn't find trails of other people having difficulties with it, couldn't find any introductory tutorials for dummies either, so it had to be that a child can do it.
But me ....

There i was trying to simply edit coordinates and parameters on the texture tag itself to no avail.
Apparently (thanks Scott) you need to use c4d's uv edit tools for that.
So going to uv edit layout makes perfect sense and works just fine.
Already 2 people asked me for more info since i got it to work, so I decided to do a quick screencast.

Still in trouble ?
Make sure you have an editable mesh with a uvw tag !!
And set the Projection of your texture to UVW Mapping of course.

hope that helps,

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