The decision you make on your child's education is one of the biggest in your life. It will play a huge role in their future, in who they will be and what they will achieve in their life.
But don't you wish learning could be a fun, rewarding experience as well? Shouldn't your child truly enjoy studying, rather than just having to endure it?
Well, they can!
At The Athena School, we provide smaller classes, friendly approachable teachers and the individual attention your child needs to truly excel. Also, why should have your children stressed out throughout their school years? It is common knowledge that studying "for a test" doesn't provide you with knowledge - it just allows you to pass the test. The knowledge is forgotten the moment the test is finished.
At The Athena School, we ensure a happy, vibrant environment for your child. When something isn't grasped, we go over it with them again, to make sure they truly do understand the material and can use it. This makes for incredibly able, intelligent students and fantastic members of society too.
The Athena School uses a unique, internationally renowned studying method developed by philosopher, educator and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. Using this Study Technology, we are able to ensure students truly understand what they study.
The Athena School is a secular, independent school where children of all faiths, colours and creeds can come to experience the true joy of learning.
Come and see for yourself what makes us different! We are open daily for tours.

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