Clip Officiel. From RUFUS EP out now on iTunes:

Dir. Katzki
DP. Ella Gibbins & Matt Scott Chow & Benjamin Zadig
Prod. Jackson Mullane
AD. Constantine Costi
Rigging. James Hunt
Post.Tyson Donnelly
Color. Heather Hay
Featuring Emma Docker, Eila Martiskin, Eve Buchanan, Lily Cook, Kellie King, Laura Turner, Patrick Richardson, Lauren Busby, Siobhan Kelly, Mahria Morrow, Ellie Giddings
Big thanks to Simone McGIll, Katelan Oshea, Bastien Chapignac, Amy Woodhead, Tammy Lee, Nick Donkin, Chris Long, Patrick Higgins, Maryellen George, Harrison Woodhead, Andrew Ingram, Amy Wang, Danny Robson, Nick George, Le Family Read, Luke Holmes, Ross Magnet, Madelaine White, Chloe Spillane, Tommy Rodriguez, Red Apple Camera Rentals

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