This short film was shot over couple of hours during one of the lessons delivered by Jehad Shamis and Gökmen Altinkulp, both of whom are passionate about reviving archery as a sport especially among the youth.

In this video, we get to see a real life depiction of the master archers described in historic sources.

One of the students in this video started archery and horse riding in 2002, switched to practising Turkish archery in 2007. Shot his first arrows from horseback in 2008 from those crazy Sivas horses... But only got the chance in beginning of 2009 to train regularly and established a horsearchery training place in Istanbul.

Jehad is born and bred in South London. He took up archery around 2005 and horseriding in 2006. Became a full-time archery instructor in 2009 when recession hit hoping to influence others to help revive the sunnah (the Prophetic tradition) of archery. He is always keen to teach anyone who wants to learn regardless of ability. Been working with muslims in Woking for over a year and after a year of training the ladies and girls have now started horse-riding. Thanks to his efforts the community now have 5 ladies who are qualified basic instructors.
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