In 2009 the Public Policy Research Institute (PPRI) at Texas A&M University, with funding from the Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development, initiated an international study on the status of children with disabilities and their families entitled Children and the International Landscape of Disabilities (Project CHILD).

Over the course of Project CHILD, 102 disability experts were interviewed across 57 countries whose combined populations represent 71 percent of the world's people. One of the most striking discoveries was that when talking about children with disabilities and their families across cultures, there are more similarities than differences. The video presents findings using the voices of international disability experts.

Project CHILD increases understanding regarding the effects of disability on children and their families; provides helpful information regarding available assistance and resources; encourages increased cooperative action by local, regional and international stakeholders; and spurs much-needed action.

Findings from the study were presented at several national and international conferences as well as the United Nations. This video combines elements from the various presentations.

Closed Captions for this video are available at

The final report, entitled Voices from Around the World, is available at

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