I have only had both cameras for a week and this was the first chance to get out and test them. I am an EX-Canon 7D (and HVX200) owner so I was interested in moiré and line twitter issues along with rolling shutter.
I am going to use these for coverage I produce for AVForums which are interviews and trade show coverage, so I need XLR audio along with other features for run and gun style shooting. But I also want to add some creativity to set up shots etc. and get out and make different styles of videos.

This was my first time, so scene files etc. were a guess and when using the AF101 the light was tricky with it being an overcast morning. The beach shots were done in about an hour but I managed to get a good feel for the AF101.

I tested for moiré and shutter roll with fast moving shots mixed with shots with lots of line detail (boats in harbour) Focus takes a little getting used too, especially shooting fast moving items heading towards me! However, I like the red focus feature which helped quite a bit.

Need lots more practice using the 101, but I am very happy with the results so far and know I can get more out of it with time. I have still to use the various file scenes and other settings. Just a shame it was such an overcast morning and I had to keep adjusting exposure so often.

I used the 14-140mm Lumix lens for this but also have the Voitlander Nokton 25mm F0.95 to test out soon. I have used the Nokton on the GH-2 and can't wait to get the excuse to use it with the AF101. This camera will be my main 'A' camera for the work videos I do.

I also sold my Canon 7D a week or so ago and opted for the GH-2 as a replacement. Again I hadn't had the chance to use it until this weekend. I used the 14-140mm lens with the GH-2, but I can't remember what the camera profile was, it is certainly too oversaturated for my tastes on the test footage in the video here. However, I was so impressed with the lack of moiré effect especially with the castle footage that is handheld. The 7D, even in neutral settings would have been moiré city with this. I think the GH-2 will be the perfect 'B' camera to suit the AF101.

Sadly, or luckily for us, the weather changed between using the AF101 in the morning and the GH-2 in the afternoon. It was brilliant sun light and lacking filters I had to up the shutter speed to get exposure at 160iso. So, you cannot compare the footage between the two cameras as it is unfair and very unscientific. But the strong point with the GH-2 is its lack of moiré effect and line twitter which is shown here.

Anyway, just though some might be interested in my very first use of these two cameras and I am itching to get out and use both of them again. I need to test and experiment with scene profiles and other features but will post my personal footage for those who want to see how I get on with them.

Thanks for watching.

Panasonic AG-AF101E
Panasonic DMC-GH2 DSLR
Lumix 14-140mm Lens
Manfrotto 504HD Tripod (AF101 footage)
AF101 recording AVCHD 1920x1080 25p 24mbps
GH2 recording AVCHD 1920x1080 24p 24mbps
Video framed and shot for 2.35:1 presentation
Edited in Premiere Pro CS5
Grading with Magic Bullet Looks II
File rendered at 35mbps MP4 1920x810 25p constant bitrate

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