Guilt kills…

Haunting visions of a man he killed over a year ago plague the mind of undercover police officer Harvey Olzon, who must stop a pair of elusive thieves while coping with post-traumatic stress disorder.

A feat that proves most difficult, as the visions begin eroding his sanity.

Song credit: "Crazy" performed by Alice Russell (

Filmed completely in one week around The Ohio State University-Columbus campus, as part of a personal challenge to make a technically tight production with solid performance, visuals, and narrative.

A very special thanks to Ali Milo, Drew Love, Leah Davis and my childhood hombres Walter Banasiak and Nick LaBanca for taking a week out of their lives (2 weeks in Walter's case) to take this from concept to concrete.

$50 total to complete the film.

Filmed on a Panasonic HMC40

More information available at:

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