Winner "Best Script" BHSSC International Film Festival 2009

"They weren't just average... They were far below it."

"Directed by Dominic Veljanovski, 'Wildside: The Movie' chronicles the rise and fall of legendary Australian cover band Wildside. Straight out of Box Hill Senior Secondary College, this critically acclaimed rockumentary tells the triumphant tale of five friends and their ambition to reach the top. The documentary follows the band on their troubled decline from fame, all the way to their epic reunion concert in 2009.

Featuring insight from all band members including Axel Winter and Christopher Anderson, band manager Peter Ryan and number one fan Frank De Melis, 'Wildside: The Movie' is a inspiring tale of friendship, love, redemption and above all, Rock'n'Roll and Heavy Metal."

Directed by Dominic Veljanovski

Written by Dominic Veljanovski and Christopher Anderson

Filmed on a Canon HG10, Edited in Final Cut Pro 7, further motion graphics and effects in Adobe After Effects CS5

Written and produced within the space of a month in 2009, Wildside: The Movie practically wrote itself. The film was created almost out of sheer boredom (and threat of failing year 12) by myself and Chris Anderson as a last hope of passing Year 12 Media class.

Utterly obsessed with the many egotistical personalities surrounding Heavy Metal and the almost comedic nature of the on screen heavy metal rock and roll culture, Chris and I would often script out sequences surrounding our own favourite characters (our classmates). Eventually after taking a camera into the studio whilst the band was recording Chris and i played with the idea of creating a full length mockumentary by simply adapting the real story of our cover band, Wildside.

Wildside was formed by Axel Winter and Chris Anderson as their main music performance band at Box Hill Senior Secondary College in Melbourne. Axel's larger than life personality led to some interesting moments for the now infamous cover band. A band whose reputation far exceeded the extent of it's actual rock and roll prowess.

The trying times of our final school year led me and Chris to a gold mine of source material. Filmed within some three weeks with the help of our peers and Box Hill staff, in particular head of the music department Peter Ryan, what was originally intended for my 12 minute media final production turned into a 32 minute film that involved almost half the school.

Now I am proud to present to you 'Wildside: The Movie', finally finished in a Directors Cut edition. I had some of the most fun in my life creating this film, I hope you have as much enjoyment watching it.

Very special thanks to all who helped this come to life, especially Peter Ryan, it would never have been possible without his creative support and brilliant performance.

Van Halen, Hot For Teacher
Black Sabbath, Iron Man
Abba, Money, Money, Money
Guns N' Roses, Live and Let Die
Iron Maiden, The Number of the Beast
Mötley Crue, Wild Side
Cannibal Corpse, Make Them Suffer
Underoath, A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black and White
Mötley Crue, Kickstart My Heart
Metallica, To Live Is To Die
Pantera, Floods
Megadeth, Symphony of Destruction
Steel Dragon, Stand Up
Black Sabbath, Planet Caravan
Pantera, Drag the Waters
Led Zeppelin, Going to California
Pantera, Cowboys From Hell
Kiss, Deuce
Van Halen, Panama

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