Dave Allen: "It swung back and forth, back and forth until forever. Then it stopped and it howled endlessly"

This performance took place at allgirls Berlin, 10.10.2009.

Sound also available on vinyl (Edition of 1000, produced by Little and Large Editions, 2010) via allgirls:

Four electric guitars are suspended from the ceiling. They cast shadows. Four amplifiers are connected, sound proofing materials have been used. No sound but the sounds from the street. The stage looks unoccupied.

The installation "It Swung Back and Forth, Back and Forth Until Forever. Then it Stopped and it Howled Endlessly" takes theinstructive composition score Pendulum Music by Steve Reich as ­a starting point. Pendulum Music was premiered in 1969 at The Whitney Museum of American Art, performed by Richard Serra, James Tenney, Bruce Naumann and Michael Snow.

Forty years ago the minimalist Reich used microphones, now Dave Allen shifts the feedback back to rock music, using electric guitars. Their differing sound oscillates between its avantgarde minimalist background and the experimental roots of rock. The installation in its stillness creates associations; changes of directions, new connections of sound. From minimal music to contemporary experimental noise music, from Steve Reich to Pete Townshend‘s auto-destructive stage antics, to Jimi Hendrix‘s wailing star spangled banner.

In this installation the guitars never hung on musician‘s shoulders, and were never played. At the opening they will be pulled back, by four performers, and allowed to swing. They will swing back and forth, creating a feedback at the point they pass their amplifiers.
The performance lasts until the guitars come to rest.

Dave Allen *1963 Glasgow/Scotland lives and works in Stockholm/Sweden. Allen works in a variety of media: installation, drawings and video which are concerned with the myths and histories spanning musical genres. His recent exhibitions include: ProjecteSD, Barcelona; Magazin 4, Bregenzer Kunstverein and The Secession, Vienna.

Many thanks to: Bettina Allamoda, Paul Davis, Micz Flor, Michael Lapuks, Annette Maechtel, Julia Rahne, Raimer Stange

Exhibition supported by Konstnärsnämnden / The Swedish Arts Grants Committee

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