Lyrics by Sibitt and Bleubird
Produced by Scott Da Ros
Co-writen by Shortfacedbear
Slide Guitar by y.p.l of Heliodrome

Director : Naoto Amazutsumi
Director of photography : Daisuke Ohya
Cast : Tsuyoshi Kobayashi
Z scale : Tsukasa Kagamihara(Spur Z Room)
Location : Oigawa Railway ( and Shinjuku Tokyo


Another day
my feet look the same, most mirrors don't lie
I'de hold onto that bar, but I know how to ride
headphones in my ears
lunch in the other hand
I'm texting comic books
divided we stand

Another dollar out of pocket another token in the slot
you strike when the kettles hot break when the weather's not
ache from the Makers mark take from the giver's heart

why not quit than sit another day on this bench seat
the stench the heat compare compete condition
rabid dogs on repetition
run free for the weekend
don't dive(drive) in the deep end
Sunday blues Monday choose
it's not a sin to win and begin again
true friends inspire
this gun's on fire for hire
purposes worthlessness please
I got skills, workbooks, sturdy hands, and dirty knees

The birds can chirp and the bees can buzz
I'm a ride this bus till my time is up
then I'm a buy this bus on a silent crush
I'm a burn that crutch on a violent crunch

Gotta earn your keep
sweep these streets ride this route
ride it out

Gotta keep this drums banging for the sake of children in training
and the families barely maintaining
food on the table a spark in the kids eyes
willing and able to give and to provide

This train's gonna take me someplace
this bus gonna get me somewhere

The sky is the father; the land is the mother to the sea
Give life to you, the flowers, and trees

In this world going nowhere, the soul has no pity
Become nothing, give birth

“You have no money, so why don’t you stop”, thrust aside judgmental opinions around you
Let’s do this, it can’t be helped, there is no time
Anyway, growth is uncertain, got scorched, please forgive

Don’t apologize, don’t hurry, don’t fight, penitence is nonsense
Drink alcohol and forget yourself, say things like “at best, I’m a jester for slaves”
Blame on other why I can only move within the scope of assumption; no way

Evade myself, deceive, just sitting Indian style through vain struggle there is no tomorrow
Thanks to many people, I've obtained righteousness and affirmation

Thinking that I should make it mine was wrong in the first place
1 moment, can I stay the course, of course, challenge is a requirement, OK?

Green Giant hid FREEDOM, climb up without looking back, TREE HOUSE
meanwhile, redial, no effect, pray for a time where I’ll be great and have a future

Ryvius, no advantage, reach a mutual understanding, just want to love one another
From minus spiral, creep out, bypass, torment, virus, deliver to my glorious rival: I LOVE YOU
Made to scramble to a slump or blank, but keep a stance to not tremble then jump and dance, ONE TWO FREE

We ride same train

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