In this live video presentation, we’re going to focus on portrait photography using ambient light – to be more exact, we’re going to use a window as our main light. A large window can be a great source of light, but to create a great portrait, you often need to shape and add some fill light to create more depth and beauty.

To create great images you need to know how to shape the light on your subject. Knowing when to add additional light and seeing when to subtract light are aspects of lighting control that will add shape, dimension and beauty in your photography.

To accomplish this, we’re going to use a handheld light meter to provide us the information we need. Handheld Light meters are not just about exposure – they put you in control of shaping the light in your photograph because they can tell you the exact amount of light falling on different areas of your subject.

If you’re tired of bracketing multiple exposures in an attempt to get one great shot, or if you’re ready to take the quality of your portrait photography to the next level, join us for this live class and see the benefits that a handheld light meter can bring to your images. With the information it can provide, you can shape the light to your needs and end the frustrations of exposure insecurity.

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