This is a reel of my animation character Uro Borus that I did this year for college.

It is basically a collection and compilation of the processes from the beginning of this year up till mid 2011, the aim was to create a character from scratch: research, concepts, sketches, modelling, texturing, etc.

There is no animation yet in this reel, but the process is now continuing where we are currently in the process of doing lip sync to an audio extract out of a film of our choice. Following on from the lip sync will be performance animation and then finally rendering out a fully animated clip.

Please excuse the fast pace of the reel at the beginning, if you really want to read the rationale you can pause the film, but it basically says that the character has 2 personalities and he is a bit crazy. I also sped it up because I don't like my drawings (they were rushed).

Lastly, this is a work in progress :) so up till now this is what I have.


The track used is from the Fight Club OST - Ikea Man

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