Participant artists:
Alessandra Rigano and Federico Castronuovo ‘Serenata’, a duo of young cross-media artists, graduated respectively at the Academy of Fine Arts and at the Music School. They produce games, graphics and chipmusic concerts.
Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn ‘Tale of Tales’, Belgian artists and designers, authors of the Manifesto of 3D-Painting.
Lorne Lanning and Sherry McKenna, ideators e authors of ‘Oddworld’, the first video game ever to enter the Hollywood scene in the mid-Nineties, a game of ecological values and high artistic quality.
Paolo Della Corte, reknown portrait photographer, graduated in art history, has a portfolio with over 500 writers and artists from around the world.
Marianna Santoni, guru of Photoshop Italia.
Mikayel Ohanjanyan, a young Armenian scupltor who has lived in Florence for many years, winner of last year’s edition of Premio Targetti.
Samuele Arcangioli, a painter of antique origins who portrayed “in classical style” Wright-Myiamoto-Pajitnov, 3 great game designers.
Massimo Giuntoli, artist and creative with “ludo-blood in his veins”, works in music and public art;
Gabriella Parisi, video-maker and designer.
Jan Vormann, a German artist who uses his dispatchwork to cure the wounds of time on historical buildings and in the suburbia.
The ITALIANS DO IT BETTER!! group: Matteo Bittanti + IOCOSE, Tonylight, Marco Cadioli, Mauro Ceolin, Damiano Colacito , Eva & Franco Mattes , Les Liens Invisibles, Molleindustria, Antonio Riello, Federico Solmi, Santa Ragione, Stefano Spera, Carlo Zanni , Miltos Manetas, VjVISUALOOP, Tibe, Jan Vormann.

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