Dancing, NHOAH connects the Berlin of the Golden 20s and classical tango with the electronica of 2011.
Using modular electronic sounds TANGOWERK by NHOAH enters uncharted musical territory.

"TUYO SOY – connects very clearly tango from Buenos Aires with electronic music from Berlin. Walter "Chino" Laborde interpretes Tuyo Soy. He is a star in Argentina. When he sang Tuyo Soy in the completely darkened studio tears welled up in our eyes. What a singer! What a voice! Walter "Chino" Laborde is the wildest, the most impressive tango singer at the moment."

"OB ICH DIR TREU SEIN KANN – Writing the lyrics I found inspiration in the German lyrics and the way of life in Berlin in the Golden 20s. I used words whose meaning is still known but which are rarely used nowadays. The Berlin Comedian Harmonists reveal with their five-part singing on sound aesthetics inspired by Kraftwerk all the ambiguities of the song Ob Ich Dir Treu Sein Kann."

"SI TE PUEDO SER FIEL – Bandoneon, viola, cello, double bass and a voice… The tango singer Karina Beorlegui completes the trilogy with an enchanting and traditional interpretation."

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