We shot I ROT in January 2010 on the RED Camera System for the first time. It was a daunting experience but it upped the production value of my film. I had multiple location moves, a copious amount of makeup effects and a cast of 5 extremely talented actors.

I ROT is the kind of film I always wanted to make because it had the blend of pure terror and outrageous comedy all rolled into one. It was a great project to end my run of directing back to back films for 9 consecutive years. I tend to dabble in Music Videos and Commercials these days while I take a short break from film but I ROT was a great film to really put 9 years of making films in High School and University to the ultimate test.

I ROT landed in 10 international horror film festivals throughout 2011 to a great response. What I love about this project most is the amount of gore, action and visual effects I accomplished for a budget of around $12,000 Australian Dollars. I also personally dig the amazing cast I rounded up for this project, such an eclectic mix of talent.

Short Synopsis: A high powered business man takes a deadly turn when his job and all that he knows is threatened by a group of employees he fears most. irotfilm.com josefjweber.com

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