Baroque Suite is a composition that invites the audience to "listen to image" and to "see sound" in five synesthetic movements. The formal structure is guided by the traditional Baroque Suite: a set of musical movements as exemplified by Western European composers from the early 18th century. This Baroque influence also extends to the film's content; references to idiomatic musical gestures and painting techniques as well as common Baroque subjects/aesthetics are all present.

The composition is built upon the guiding principle that creative collaboration in visual-music must have no boundaries of input between composer and filmmaker. Thus the process was to conceive and realize images and sounds simultaneously, in a serious attempt to create continuum between media while not sacrificing the most expressive conventions relative to each.

August 5-7: Wassaic Project Summer Festival, NY
September 1: International House, Philadelphia
October 21: Sonic Festival, NYC

Written and Directed by:
Troy Herion and Alex Tyson

Troy Herion

Director of Photography:
Alex Tyson

Lighting Director:
Zac Rubino

Meg Foley

Dance Producer and Consultant:
J. Makary

Gregory Holt
Lydia Adler Okrent
Joanna Quigley
Gabrielle Revlock
Sharif Abdulmalik

Photographer & Photochemist:
Kateri Likoudis

Editor and Graphics:
Alex Tyson

Keyboards, Guitars - Troy Herion
Drum Kit - N. Cameron Britt
Clarinets - Jonathan Russell
Strings - Rameau String Quartet

Audio Engineer & Synthesizer programming:
Alex Tyson

Production Facilities:
Woodshop Films
Lightroom Photo Co-op
Princeton Electronic Music Department

Special Thanks:
Elan Bogarin
Sarah Abanor
Cenk Ergün
Sean Mattio
Beth Beverly
Marc Brodzik
Matt Sanchez
Josh Fox
Andrew & Amanda Tyson
Music Department at Princeton University

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