I told our intern to do a couple of things today, to make a movie and to learn how to use a new piece of technology – he did both.

In order to maintain a greater 'dynamic range' with our Canon DSLR cameras, Technicolor has developed a new picture profile dubbed 'cinestyle'. What this does is create a more filmic-looking image that retains more detail in the dark and birght areas of a the picture. There is less contrast, and less color saturation. The increased range allows us as editors to push the footage in areas such as adding color, enabling very dramatic looks.

In the video, you'll see ungraded cinestyle footage, and also the effects of appyling a look-up table, or LUT. Ungraded footage looks very unsaturated and misty, but allows the camera to capture more detail. The LUT brings the footage back to to a more netral state of contrast, while still maintaining the detail in the highs and lows - perfect for additional color grading.

So thanks Ben, for making some really smart art!

Read more about cinestyle here: technicolor.com/en/hi/cinema/filmmaking/digital-printer-lights/cinestyle

Ben used two different LUTs:

Pomfort DLSRlog2Video

Magic Bullet LUT Buddy

The majority of the footage uses the Pomfort LUT, which we preferred. One shot in the middle used Magic Bullet, and is titled accordingly. Magic Bullet seemed a little hazy compared to the Pomfort, though with additional grading I'm sure both would look excellent.

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