Look /Draw
We carried out 3 types of experiments for Lost In Translation.

Look/Draw involved us showing Subject #01 an illustration and asking them to redraw it from memory. Subject #02 is then shown Subject #01′s illustration and asked to redraw it again from memory. This process is repeated over 15 times after which we chart the how the illustration changed from subject to subject and who brought us to muddy waters.

Thanks to the folks who took part in the above video: Mateusz Nowakowski, Emmet Farrell, Ronan Kelly, Jason Groarke, Grace Margetson, Niamh Harman, Emma Stebbings, Matt Richards, Kelly Irish, Clare Gilsenon, Tara Gibbons.

See the full set of experiments here: SynthEastwood.com

With special thanks to all at Offset and ABGC Architects.


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