This is NIN performing Meet Your Master in Toledo. As you may know, Meet Your Master was one of the rarest tracks on the tour, I believe it was played only 3-4 times. I was lucky enough to see it in Ottawa and to be honest, it was one of the best songs of the set, much better than the album version.

Unfortunately, the song is very underdocumented. I could only find 3 full videos of the song and one partial. So here's my audio restoration using the two videos from Toledo. If you have ANY footage better than this, please contact me. If I ever get enough footage I will upload a better edit of this, although I doubt it will happen. That being said, unless they start playing it like crazy on the next leg, this might be the best sounding video of this song you'll ever come across, so enjoy !

The audio comes from Ryan J.'s Toledo recording ( ) and the video was edited using those two:

You can download the audio here :

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