Nanovibrancy is a SymbioticA Masters project cumulating in a site-specifc sound installation-performance at the John Curtin Gallery in Perth, Australia on the 10th July 2011.
In it, a silk fibroin membrane models tympanic listening by vibrating in sympathy within the atomic milieu. These nanoscale vibrations at its surface are recorded through the repurposing of the atomic force microscope as part of a listening assemblage.
It this case, Nanovibrancy offers a real-time experience of the palpability of the chaotic and random environment of atoms and molecules, and aims not just to ground the listening process in the physicality of vibrations but also in the imaginative explorations of novel sound environments.
As an Artscience project, Nanovibrancy explores the scientific and artistic constructions of life at its most basic level, and the knowledge that can arise from multi-sensory projections of data.

Performance: Joel Ong
Video and Sound: Cynthia White

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