3-Channel Music Video
in collaboration with Aristotle Pollisco (Gloc-9)

Originally exhibited at KULÔ at Bulwagang Juan Luna (Main Gallery) of The Cultural Center of the Philippines
June 17 to August 21 of 2011

Directly inspired from "AKIN LANG NAMAN" by Aristotle Pollisco (Gloc-9) from his TALUMPATI Album under SOny Music Entertainment (Phils.), Inc..

The main idea is to show different People, singing the song... simply to express the idea that Gloc-9's message on the song is the same as most Filipinos' sentiments. That most of us aspire to make a difference or have these sentiments on how to effectively lead our country.

This video is a representation of the voice of the majority and the concept of "RELATING" to the idea of the piece (Song) itself, the idea of Relationship, Reflection, or absorption. Just like what most of us did when we try to study or ventured to other ideas by other philosophers, writers, artists and song writers or bands.

We consume these ideas and either relives it, respond to it or repeat it, by spreading the idea through other means of dialogue or production of thoughts; translating the absorbed ideas into another form.

The form of my work is a 3-piece Television sharing in one Audio/Sound or Music. The 3-Channel Video is an experimentation on the process of showing the usual music videos wherein everything should be seen in just 1 video channel (as intended in this post). My work will try to break the idea of a 1 video channel Music Video by projecting 3 different videos in 3 different screens but compliments each other AUDIO and VISUALLY to makes the music video one and complete.

Akin-Lamang-Naman!? is also...

Akin: Sa akin (mine) , exploiting the idea of selfishness or territory. As Filipinos are very much proud. Akin, Ako, sila (Mine, Me, Them).
Lamang: Panlalamang, panggogoyo, di pantay, hindi balanse (Imbalance, Taking Advantage, Unequal).
Naman!?: is a reaction, an answer both for a yes or a no or a maybe. Naman!? is one of those answers you would'nt want to hear.

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