Kristopher Peck rides his custom built seatless unicycle across ice and snow in Whittier, Alaska. Filmed in March 2011, this seven minute movie also captures a snapshot in time of a mysterious and isolated rural Alaskan town. Colossal buildings, bustling harbor, underground tunnels, fishing boats and an abundance of natural beauty provide an intriguing backdrop for this unique adventure.

Premiered at the Anchorage International Film Festival
December 6th, 2011 Alaska Experience Theatre
Colorado Premiere at the Durango Independent Film Festival on March 1st, 2012
Other screenings:
Skagway Winter Weekend Film Festival 2012
Cooper Landing Film Festival 2012

Camera: Carol Griswold
Soundtrack: Mark Teckenbrock
Riding and Additional Camera: Kristopher Peck

Run Time: 7 min
Camera: 720p HD with a Canon SX20
Post: Final Cut Express and iMovie HD
Soundtrack: Logic Studio
Wheel: 29" Nokian Studded Tyre

Filmed in Whittier, Alaska
Kris Peck © March 2011

"Dude, you have legs of steel. I don't think I've seen anyone else make riding an Ultimate Wheel look easier. You made it look almost effortless."
-John Foss
World Champion Unicyclist

"Wow, I’ve never seen Whittier look so good! Magical."
-Cindy Clock
Seward Chamber of Commerce Director

"The slower pace and zen-like concentration are a refreshing antidote to the fast action typical of most adventure sport videos."
-Kris Holm
Unicycle Trials Champion

"The film looks (and sounds) like a professional, big budget summer release!"
-Garth Twa
Professor of Film Studies
Sussex University

"Whittier is a weird place to unicycle. I love how you mixed in scenic shots with the riding. It's low key, but you are SO smooth."
-Nathan Hoover
Mountain Unicyclist, Into the Thunder Dragon

"The music, the non-verbal tour through the place and whimsical reveal of its character, they complemented each other well. The wheel looks like it was challenge to conquer. And course, great scenery."
-Richard Cunningham
Filmmaker, Year Zero

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