A passing storm whipped up a large swell pounding massive waves onto the SouthWest coast.

My brother and I went down to Sugarloaf Rock, an iconic landmark near Cape Naturaliste to check out the swell and where blown away, quite literally, by the awesome waves pounding into the rock.

This footage was shot under extremely trying conditions. The swell was pushing up so much salt spray that even at a couple of hundred meters away we where getting hammered. You had to cover your camera with a plastic bag, set up your shot, take of the bag, and take the shot.

Of course I was shooting video so my camera copped it big time. I was using a Zeiss 50mm f/1,4 supplied by Ben at Team Digital to test out. Must say it's a great little lens and definitely an alternative to Canons more expensive 50mm f/1,2.

The footage is quite shaky from the wind which was blowing at about 40 knots. On a couple of occassions I was almost blown off my feet. It certainly wasn't the best conditions to be shooting.

Shot with a 5Dmk2, Zeiss 50mm f/1,4

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