If there was ever a time in our society when we needed a moral compass...when we needed some clear direction...when we needed the eXplicit truth...that time is now.

The lines between what is right and what is wrong appear to be increasingly blurred. The world is saying, "If it feels good then do it, indulge and bend the rules if it fits your desires." And sadly, many are succumbing to those lies and in doing so missing out on the life God intended them to live.

You see, God has given us a very clear, eXplicit, set of truths to live by. They are so important He carved them in stone. They're called the Ten Commandments and while much of the world might see them as an unfair set of "religious" rules that we can never live up to or that simply expose our faults or make us feel guilty, they are actually God's guardrails to keep us on the path to the live He has designed for us to live... a life that is full, rich and meaningful.

Don't get caught up in the clutter. Don't let the noise of the world rob you from the eXplicit truths that God as set out for you to live. God didn't give us the Ten Commandments to condemn humanity, He gave them to convict us and challenge us to live by a higher standard.

Will you?

Join us as we explore these ten eXplicit truths together and learn how to live our lives according to God's plan.

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