HUMAN is a music video I made for Singer/Songwriter Charlene Kaye. I’ve always been really into Greek Mythology, and one of the myths—the story of Pygmalion—had always stuck out to me. It’s about a sculptor who isn’t interested in any of the women around him, so he creates the most beautiful statue in the world and then falls in love with it. The Gods take pity on him and bring the statue to life, but in a cruel twist of fate, the statue is too cold to love him back.

I think this theme can be pretty universal too. You sort of participate in shaping another person with every relationship you get into. Then when it ends, it’s natural to feel like all of your hard work is walking away to find someone else. So I took that feeling, took some Greek mythology and voilá!

Check out the feature on the video/interview by Charlene in the Huffington Post!

Directed by: Liann Kaye
Director of Photography: Benjamin Dell
Executive Producer: Liann Kaye
Produced by: Taylor Stanton and Kevin Birou
Associate Producer: Jacqueline Wilton
Assistant Director: Kevin Birou
Assistant Camera: Thom Valko
2nd AC: Brandon Sandusky
Gaffer: Walter Lin
Dolly Grip: Oliver Siegel

Production Designer: Connie Huang & Sarah Petty
Art Dept: Michael Boumaroun, Andrew Ericksen, Oliver Siegel, Chelsea Leonowicz

Head Make Up: Zachary Craft
Make Up: Katt Qian, Cairlin Northcutt, Jackie Turner, Chelsea Leonowicz, Jacqueline Wilton

Choreographer: Nicole Chen

Starring: Christian Schulte, Lena Drake, Ashley Park, Aimee Vester, Trisha Paul, Elizabeth, Keenan

String Players: Tina Wu, Setha Buchbaum, Alistair Hayden, Alex Carney

Production Assistants: Ben Ellmann, James A. Janisse, Jonathan Krause, Joon Chung, Andrew Ericksen

Thank you: The Russell Industrial Center, Salto Dance Company, Mexican Village Restaurant, Leslie and David Austin, Al Young, Jefferey Dell, Kacie Smith

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