Extracts of the Composition SPIN by Hannes Löschel, Video by Christine Schörkhuber.

Spin is the intrinsic angular momentum in quantum mechanics. In dance, it stands for a fast rotatation around the body axis.
This piece for string ensemble enhanced with grand piano and electronics also contains Spins. Certain elements unravel from the sheet music while unpredictable dynamic moments emerge, before they finally reincoporate in organised patterns.

Christine Schörkhuber takes up this approach on a visual level and translates it to an abtracted video composition based on the modification of time lapses, superimpositions and overlays.

Material was recorded during rehearsals for the "OE 1 Portraitkonzert of Hannes Löschel" at Radiokulturhaus, April 2010 with PHACE.

Simeon Pironkoff, Dirigent
Hannes Löschel, Klavier
Josef Novotny, Sampler, Elektronik
Dieb 13, Turntables

PHACE | contemporary music
Walter Seebacher, Klarinette
Balduin Wetter, Horn
Peter Travnik, Trompete
Bernhard Rainer, Posaune
Ivana Pristasova, Violine
Annelie Gahl, Violine
Shang-Wu Wu, Viola
Roland Schueler, Violoncello
Nikolay Gimaletdinov, Violoncello
Michael Seifried, Kontrabass
Tibor Kövesdi, Kontrabass

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