Southern France CG artists use to say they 'Chase the Mammoth in the Great White North' while traveling to the capital for work. This quote from my friend Jérémie Mamo inspired me to make a mammoth out of an elephant CG character I've been carrying around for a few years now.
Modeling, Grooming, Rigging, Animation and Simulation were done using Softimage|XSI.
Then we used Bakery|Relight to do the Final hair styling ( on top of animated guides ), shading, lighting and rendering.
Each 1280x720 frame takes around 10 minutes to render with over 100000 hairs, 3D motion blur, 2 spot-lights casting deep shadow maps, point cloud based ambient occlusion, environment lighting, global illumination and sub surface scattering, on a dual 4-core Intel Xeon 2.83 GHz with 8GB or RAM . The final result comes straight from the render engine, with NO compositing.
Design, Modeling, Rigging, Animation: Halim Negadi.
Primary Hair Grooming: PYG ( Pierre-Yves Girard ).
Shading, Final Hair Styling, Lighting & Rendering: Arnauld Lamorlette, Halim Negadi, Alexandre Bermond, Sebastien Ortega.
Shading, Final Hair Styling, Lighting and Rendering done in Bakery Relight.
Modeling/Rigging/Animation done in Softimage|XSI.
Primary hair grooming done using Softimage|XSI.
Hair Dynamics done using Helge Mathee's Melena.

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