Dan Kendall is an award-lacking photographer, based in London, who specialises in music and portrait photography.

Dan was raised by beatniks who ruled the thriving Aylesbury music scene of the 1970s. Such an upbringing clearly had an effect on Dan, and he followed in his parents' footsteps by grabbing a camera and becoming a beatnik himself (as evidenced by his collection of jaunty hats,occasionally worn cocked just so).

After studying photography at the Kent Institute of Art & Design, Dan went on to assist many of the UK's top music photographers, working for magazines such as Vice and OMM and shooting some of the biggest musical artists working today (and Marti Pellow), before striking out on his own and forging relationships with exciting up-and-coming acts.

As well as music photography, Dan has a passion for studying (and shooting) people. A passion which has taken him from the mean streets of Chatham to Cuba and even in the footsteps of the great Che Guevara on his own Motorcycle Diaries-style adventure through South America. (If Che had travelled without a motorcycle and with a group of hunky Swedes. Which, to be honest, sounds much better.)

If you haven't already done it, have a look at his work on the website or, if you would like any more info, feel free to contact the man himself.


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