Title: Turtle's organs dance
by : Andreco andreco.org

Location: Palazzo D'Accursio, Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, Italy.

Commissioned by “LA Pillola” lapillola.net

Performer: Laura Bisognin Lorenzoni, Elivio Assuncao, Jodi Capitani, Rosa Vicari, Ramona d'Aguì, Jessica Cestaro, Elisa Naike Blecich.
Choreography directors: Laura Bisognin Lorenzoni, Elvio Assuncao, Andreco, Jodi Capitani.

Music: In Zaire inzaire.tk/
Music label: Holidays Records holidaysrecords.it

Video Editing: Serena P. videoinferno.tumblr.com/

Video Report of the installation “The great tortoise and his dancing organs” made the 10/30/2010 by Andreco

A hundred square meters sea turtle figure was placed at center of the courtyard of the Palazzo d'Accursio, Bologna, Italy. The turtle shape is made by recycled PVC taken by the Bologna fair.
Seven professional dancers interpret seven internal organ of the tortoise, dancing in the courtyard and in the adjacent Piazza Maggiore.
A heart, lungs, a liver, two kidneys, a stomach and a intestine, leave the body of the tortoise starting a perpetual ritual dance around the big animal.

The production of non-biodegradable waste, emission of pollutants into the atmosphere and the waste of resources produce a serious damage to the ecosystem, affecting living organisms, animals and plants. How often reminded, many of these consequences are due to the lifestyle of western man and to a anthropocentric view of life on earth.
The extinction rate of animal and plant species in recent centuries is extremely high. And even today there are species in risk of extinction, as some species of whale and sea turtles. it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eretmochelys_imbricata
For this reason was chosen the sea turtle as a symbol for this performance.
The sea turtle is represented with its internal organs stylized to highlight the significance of
existence and being. Organs are in fact affected by the effects of substances
pollutant through not controlled food or through the atmosphere.


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