Sonne is a global advisor to tribal circles, educational institutions, corporations and inter-faith groups. A hereditary eagle nawal, chief of the Yaqui-Carrizo Nations of North America and Sun Dance Society Peace Chief. He travels the world sharing ancestral songs and healing ceremonies with all peoples. Sonne is a gifted writer, film maker, lecturer and singer. He is advisor of the San Juan Indian Council, ambassador for the natural-supernatural worlds, reconciliation and healing with nature.

Together, he and the international recording artist Steven Halpern created a CD of ancestral songs titled Healing Songs of Earth and Sky.

As best-selling author, he participated in the 1999 "Wiping Away Tears Healing Ceremony" at The Hague Appeal for Peace in The Netherlands and later in Geneva, Switzerland.

He and his wife co-founded Earth's Children Cultural Organization, sponsoring cultural exchange projects between American Indian children and children from other cultures. He and Dr. Linda Noack are co- founders of Tsuname of Love for Children, a non-profit organization to create awareness and resources which provide food and homes for hungry and homeless children and families.

Chief Reyna graduated from the University of Texas in theology and communication arts and is a Vietnam War veteran.

Co-Founder with Clan Mother, Laynee Bluebird Reyna: One Earth One People Peace Vision, Peace Vision Press. 24th Annual California Indian Market, Historic San Juan Bautista, California, May 3-4 2008. Celebrating Peace thru the living multicultural arts and spirituality of the world's people.

Co-Founder with Dr. Claudine Bourgeois-Reyna: Earth's Children Cultural Organization (ECCO). Artistic cultural exchange projects with the magical children of the world.

Co-Founder with Dr. Linda Noack*: Tsuname of Love for the Children - locally global projects that feed and house hungry and homeless children and their families.

Sonne is also an honored collaborator in the Bridging International Healing Art Project.

2001, Peace Vision Press, American Indian Prophecy for World Peace.

2009, Blessing the Storm - Tsuname of Love for the Children

2001, Summer of Hope for the Children CD, Chief Sonne Reyna, Dr. Claudine Bourgeois-Reyna, Squid and Friends, San Fransisco, Ca.

2004, Healing Songs of Earth and Sky CD, Chief Sonne Reyna and Steven Halpern*, Inner Peace Music, Santa Rosa, Ca.

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