Lemon Bucket Orchestra perform as part of the musical component of RRRRR Trash Art Festival, a part of "Take Me With You" a series put on by Whippersnapper Gallery in Toronto.

"Take Me With You is a three month summer series of artistic and musical exhibitions, multidisciplinary events, and public interventions by emerging artists, bands and creative collectives from Canada, the United States, and Brazil. Compelled to re-imagine the use, importance, and social significance of objects and materials cast away by others, these artists take the “discarded” with them to studios, public walls, and rehearsal spaces to be Re-used, Repurposed, Re-imagined, Reclaimed and Reframed. The fruit market replaces the museum as site, the discarded shoe replaces paint as material, and broad based community engagement and participation replaces passive spectatorship."


Shot by Graeme Phillips for nowtoronto.com

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