An AFI visual exercise.

I've always wanted to write an altered states film about an anonymous Japanese suicide pact group. Trouble is after they seal up the car, take sleeping pills and light a charcoal brazier to slowly extinguish all the oxygen inside, they witness a terrible crime that goes unpunished.

They exit the car as a drug addled pack of ice cream parlor detectives into the night, half-spirits already, who have to resolve this emotional conflict before they return to the car to depart from the physical plane.

I wanted more actors and time to play with but the MOS was a very limited school exercise due to funds and film stock provided, so this is just a vignette.

My thanks to actors Carol Rhyu and Tirta "Hong" Suwardi.

Fuji Eterna 8673 - 500T -16mm
Rated 1000 EI
Pushed one stop

I realize now pushing really only gains you 2/3 stop and I would have liked to have overexposed by at least a third to add density to the neg, say 500-640 EI. It's a little thin and I could have always brought it down in color correct. I do like how the grain responds to this one stop push in 16mm though.

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