Central California's Nate Tyler has been portrayed prolifically in various surf media and surf company advertisements for the last decade, usually on his surfboard and in the air. Generally photographic media only, the portrayal has been absent a proper telling of his and, possibly more importantly, his father's story, and the soulful side of Mr. Tyler hasn't been understood. In fact, it's never really surfaced.

Encamped on pure Steinbeckian Californian dirt among the oaks and tall grass, the Tylers meld a stalwart environmental stance with a functional DIY ethic. The result is an existence that harkens to some place other than California, possibly foreign to much of the country. Were it not for their proximity to mega-cities, sandwiched a half-day's drive between Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, you might mistake their homestead for New Zealand or Chile.

In this two-part portrait, filmmaker Joe Guglielmino plumbs the moods, musings, and machinations of the Tyler life. The result is an esoteric composition that gives the viewer a feeling for the father and son, yet projects a universal ideal of the relationship between generations.

POV Shorts II is a 10-part video series, emblematic of the quality and storytelling you can expect to find in The Surfer's Journal. From surf filmmakers Chris Malloy, Tyler Manson, Joe G, Andrew Kidman and Cyrus Sutton, each filmmaker has taken on one subject within a general framework, but subject to their interpretation. They will be released over the course of the Summer, 2011. Have a look around our video channel for the others, or check back soon as more are released. And of course, subscribe to The Surfer's Journal, and help support our reader supported model.

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