After sorting out 16000 pictures (NO kidding!) and about 2 hours of video footage recorded March to July 2010 in Portugal I ended up with some 50 minutes of material ready to be merged into this short movie. So I had more tough choices on my road to the film which wasn't supposed to surpass 10min length, which already poses quite some thread for the accompanying soundtrack to be created as well.

So here it comes:

*** amigos de algarve ***

It's a documentary of the fine times my buddies and me had in spring and summer down in the south of Portugal.
Hmmm, but then again it's more of an straight surf flick than a documentary.
Errr, or maybe it should be considered a rather lengthy music video clip?

I'd say it's all of the above in one package, meant to please your eyes and ears and refresh the memories of lovely stays in the south at the atlantic.



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