This is an overview of how we use Cineform as a core tool in our post workflow. Topics covered in this edition include:

- Transcoding 60i wrapped 24P sources / slow motion
- Intro to First Light Color grading
- Advanced overlays and reframing of shots
- How syncronization works in different apps
- Benefits of non destructive grading/image enhancement in metadata.
- Grading Red Camera / Cineform RAW footage.

UPDATE!: David Newman of GoPro/Cineform has corrected a few things presented in the video:

1. Keyframes in First Light are Linear, not bezier splines.
2. Overlays showing in local corrections and not global corrections is a minor bug, being looked at as of this posting.
3. Cineform RAW files are close in size compared to RED .R3D files, not 2/3rds the size as I reported in the video (Although I had done a single test where that was the case)

Also posted here:

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