I was given the musical track heard here to make a video for an upcoming release on the Berlin based minimal techno label FRUCHT.

The song reminded me of robots, buttons, technological gizmos, etc...so I started thinking about footage I had seen or downloaded over the years. I remembered a special film I'd been saving for the right inspiration. It was a Superman cartoon made in 1941 called 'The Mechanical Monsters' In those days TV wasn't around yet, so people would have seen this 10 minute cartoon before the main attraction in the cinema.

This is my remix of that cartoon. Its as close to the superhero genre as I'm gonna get (and considering that I edited Superman completely out of his own cartoon...don't expect much in that way from me :P

'Nizhny Tagil'
Produced by Marek Tejchik
Available on Beatport.com

Made under the full moon in Montreal Quebec July, 2011

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