We are currently in post production for our feature film DEATH, and are looking for investors.

If you would like to get involved in this fabulous opportunity to be part of something unique - get invited to parties, have a DVD and get you name in the credits, and invest in the movies then - Please get in touch martin@martingooch.com

or visit my website - martingooch.com

Basic investments are:

£25 for an advance signed DVD, once the movie is completed, before it's available in the shops.
£100 for a thank you on the credits
£250 for an Associate Producer Credit and 1 point of the investors net profits of the movie, and invites to the screenings.

Other credits available, including Co-Producer and Executive Producer etc.
Points increase at one per £250.

Please have a look at the trailer for the movie - vimeo.com/26865587

IMDB - imdb.com/title/tt1822203/

1 point refers to a single point of the Investors Pot, once the movie starts to make a profit. The investors pot is 40% of the total Net profits. Further information available on request.

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