Slides (instructions extracted from
Zed did his presentation in Factor ( using a presentation DSL that Slava Pestov ( wrote. You can grab the source to it here ( Then go grab the 0.91 release, put
the file in extra/cusec2008/ in the Factor directory, and then just start factor and type: “cusec2008” run.

Zed A. Shaw is the most famous Shark Jumper there is. Having jumped his shark a decade ago he still finds time to work for large and small companies implementing large and small software for large and small amounts of money. He is the author the Mongrel web server, creator of the Utu project, recent Factor convert, and absolutely hates Ruby even though he makes money on it.

A tale of suspense, intrigue, corporate greed, and the stupidity of an authorization mechanism that isn't turing complete. With code.

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