"Living On the EDGE"
Conservation documentary

Filmed in 2010 on a Canon XL2
(Low quality version, don't view in HD)

This is a non-profit documentary aimed to be finished by summer 2013 in support of the Neotropical Primate Group and the communities working with them in Peru.

[Trailer without narration]

"This is the extraordinary journey of an animal that has hidden from science for over 50 years, but now, against all odds, it has come back from edge of extinction.

Deep in the heart of the cloud forest, conservationists Noga and Sam Shanee are unravelling the secrets of one the world's rarest primates- the yellow-tailed woolly monkey (an EDGE species). Logging in the area has caused massive destruction to primary forests, with vast areas felled each year.

Noga and Sam have worked tirelessly with the local villages to develop a community-run reserve and encourage sustainable alternatives to logging.

As well as the woolly monkey, fragile populations of night monkeys are being threatened by the medical research trade, with illegal numbers being smuggled across the Columbian border every day.

Angela Maldonado is standing against the trade, but will Noga, Sam and Angela's work with their communities be able to save these elusive primates, or will they just be another name for the extinction list?"

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