During the workshop "Contemporary Past: Moving Images as a Fluid Memory" students were working on their creative projects which were presented publicly at Nida Art Colony in Lithuania, Neringa 2011.
Mikhail and Paul, students from Valand School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg, Sweden, presented their short film named "Pass the Time".


"Since the past is constituted not after the present that it was but at the same time, time has to split itself in two at each moment as present and past. ... Time consists of this split"
G. Deleuze

when we first met I was 20 years old...
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from "L'eclisse" by M. Antonioni

Nida is a small place situated at the Baltic's coast of Lithuania, a former resort for soviet nomenklatura with peaceful sceneries and beautiful sand beaches. Despite the fact that nomenklatura has disappeared with the break of Soviet Union, idyll images of leisure still could be captured there.

Post-soviet conditions, with it's visually obvious overlapping of past and present, create a temporal paradox of constant deja vu. Probably this makes the local 'actual' to become a glimmering instantiation of the most fundamental operation of time: a persistence of past which makes each present pass on.

Images of past (modernist architecture of the rest house) and images of present (shots from the city center area) are juxtaposed to each other like virtuality and actuality, documenting and staging, acting for a camera and mundane activity. The 70's architecture of anticipation of the future meets present in a figure of a video camera.

By Mikhail and Paul

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