Given how popular writing your own Erlang web server seems to be these days, perhaps legendary Erlang programmer Claes "Klacke" Wikström was ahead of his time when nearly a decade ago he chose to call his then-new project "Yet Another Web Server." Famous for the "Apache vs. Yaws" graphs that boasted its scalability, Yaws has managed to maintain a relatively simple core while acquiring a rich set of features over the years. These features include the support of Erlang code embedded within HTML pages, mapping URI paths to specific application modules for request processing, streamed responses, web sockets, virtual servers, URL rewriting, integration with existing Erlang applications, sendfile support, and embedding within larger Erlang applications. When combined with the advanced concurrency, distribution, and reliability features of its underlying Erlang/OTP platform, Yaws provides a rich environment for production-quality web applications.

In this talk, Steve, a committer on the Yaws project, will provide an overview of a number of Yaws features and how applications use them, and will also explain some of its internal architecture.

Target audience: web developers

Talk objectives: Provide developers interested in Yaws with a tour of its features and design so they have a better understanding of how to use it.

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