Show Notes:

• @ianclayton - Service Management 101
• @ken_gonzalez – Engaged Consulting
• ITIL 2011 vs ITIL 2007 – Page count, weight and dimensions
• Rob England’s blog – A new book and four new processes
• 21 Grams – The weight of the soul
• In theory, monkeys could have typed ITIL 2011
• The ITIL 2011 Roadshow
• James Finister’s Blog on ITIL 2011
• Get your ITIL 2011 books signed at the itSMF UK 2011 Conference
• Universal Service Management Body Of Knowledge (USMBOK)
• New USMBOK practitioner guides
• COBIT 5 Initiative
• OGC Change Control System
• Vernon Lloyd (work out the spoonerism)
• MITUS2 the new methodology from Noel Bruton
• Were we ready for the original ITIL v3?
• The Rifleman’s rifle
• Service Catalog or Service Request Catalog?
• Death as a service
• Service Catalog Gems from Ian Clayton
• “How can we build a catalog when we don’t know what a service is?”
• “How do we define a service when we don’t involve the customer until phase 2?”
• “What business are we in?”
• “Who do we serve?”
• “How can we help them succeed?”
• “How does what we do drive our work effort?”
• “Our foundation training is training us in the wrong foundations.”
• Bill Price – The Best Service is No Service
• “We have to start by defining what the customer is expecting.”
• “People buy results, they don’t buy services”
• Ian’s Service Catalog maturity levels
• Level 1 – Offering a service in terms the customer understands
• Level 2 – Creating a workflow or response that is authorised against that request
• Level 3 – Bundling requests into services
• Level 4 – Customer recognition
• Level 5 – Interacting with the customer to help them with their choices
• James can’t get a word in
• Fox IT will be ready with new training courses from day 1
• What about the ITIL exams?
• At your service – ITIL Update - Asking the hard questions (see page 4)
• ITSM Weekly Podcast listener numbers
• Taysiders in space
• ITSMTV1 – The Experts
• MITUS2 announcement on Servicedesk360
• SDI Service Desk Standards – Will be reviewed this year
• Don Page @don_page
• The ITIL Experience 2004
• Four books recommended by Ian
• Marketing Myopia, Theodore Levitt
• Service Management: Strategy and Leadership in Service Businesses, Richard Normann
• The Experience Economy, Pine/Gilmore
• Service is Front Stage, Teboul
• Service Experience Design class – watch out for the webinar
• Ken Gonzalez - Designated blogger for Service Management at HDI Connect
• Is it Beer O’Clock?
Next ITSMWPROW – Aug 2011 – Kill the CMDB, but long live its aims

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